Thursday 19 November 2015

Towards an "updating" of the antiinnatia theory of autism

On the right here there are links to download (a) the original 1993 publication of the antiinnatia theory of autism, and (b) the 2014 presentationally-revised version of that 1993 paper (but with same content).

You have to understand that that was published more than 20 years ago, and written a decade earlier still.  At that time, "gene-expression" was a very new and little-known concept.   And certainly no-one else was mentioning gene-expression in connection with autism causation.  By contrast, nowadays gene-expression is a hugely developed field of research on which huge amounts of money are spent.

But what's more, advances in "genome" research have now moved on to the point that genes are now becoming recognised as not the main thing in "genetics".  Evidence is moving towards a notion that the "non-gene" parts of the "genome" are actually more important than the genes. 

In this context, the antiinnatia theory can be developed to a newer understanding.  There's just a slight problem though, which is the need for a change of terminology (beyond my substitution of "suppression" in place of the misconstruable "impairment").  My title back then was [in updated presentation version]  "A theory of general suppression of gene-expression manifesting as autism".  But I now recognise that antiinnatia is not just about gene-expression but about DNA-expression more widely.  So the theory really needs to have its title changed to "A theory of general suppression of DNA-expression manifesting as autism". 

After completing the prior project of my book about the autism increase, I hope sometime to find time to write and publish an updated version of the theory (rather than just the existing review update which has been suppressed from publication by the pseudo-peer-review system), to take into account the increased understanding of the "genome" and how the antiinnatia theory relates to that newer understanding.  And it will then be under that new title:
"A theory of general suppression of DNA-expression manifesting as autism".

I hope that made sense!

Wednesday 29 April 2015

The main graphs of mercury increase and IQ increase, posted 28th April 2015

Mercury data derived from the Fremont glacier:   

 The general trends of the Flynn effect and its reversal in at least five countries:

These graphs are from my recent paper linked here:

All the world's experts would have predicted the exact opposite.
But it is exactly as my unfaulted autism theory predicted all along.